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The most influential manhua magazine for adults was the 1956 Cartoons World, which fueled the best-selling Uncle Choi.The availability of Japanese and Taiwanese comics challenged the local industry, selling at a pirated bargain price of 10 cents.Si loin et si proche, by Chinese writer and illustrator Xiao Bai, won the Gold Award at the 4th International Manga Award in 2011.

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It became popular in Japan as manga in the late 18th century.

Beginning in the 1870s, satirical drawings appeared in newspapers and periodicals.

By the 1920s palm-sized picture books like Lianhuanhua were popular in Shanghai.

The first piece drawn by a person of Chinese nationality was The Situation in the Far East from Tse Tsan-tai in 1899, printed in Japan.

Sun Yat-Sen established the Republic of China in 1911 using Hong Kong's manhua to circulate anti-Qing propaganda.

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