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You only know the places through which he travels - so where is the girl he is leaving and therefore where he starts?

Without that information the possibility of achieving the journey if only in my head is impossible!

It puts everyone who hears it right into the picture, which is what most great songs do.

Between 19 he had thirteen songs enter the Top 100 chart; with one making the Top 10 and it reached #1, "Theme from 'Shaft'" for 2 weeks on November 14th, 1971... But IF it were possible to do those miles then the problem is - where does the songwriter begin the journey?

When you know a relationship is trulely over but you are stuck due to fear, insecurities,etc. He can take a simple story (like this song) but make it a canvas for someone to color in their own personal experiences.

As humans to"stick with the familiar is very common". Where they wish the were this man goine to oklahoma,etc.

And by then, "she'll be sleeping"I don't know, nerdy though it may be, if you think this through, it does work. On December 9th 1967, Glen Campbell performed "By The Time I Get To Phoenix" on the late Dick Clark's 'American Bandstand'... It's roughly 1300 miles 'twixt LA and OKC, at 200mph that's just 6.5 hours.

On August 16th 1969, Isaac Hayes performed "By the Time I Get to Phoenix" on the ABC-TV program 'American Bandstand'... Two months earlier on October 28th it entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart; eventually it peaked at #26 and spent 11 weeks on the Top 100... Fuel stops at Phoenix and Albuquerque, he crosses the Texas Panhandle into OK in about 8 hours.

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