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He enjoys travelling, slowly learning how to speak Latvian and exploring the country’s distinct culture. He has worked as a writer on the subject, as well as being a musician himself.Daryl is interested in cultural, social and political history.Daryl has a Bachelor’s degree in History from Royal Holloway University of London.He has always had a strong interest in writing, particularly about history, politics, the environment or culture.

His particular period of interest is modern history and he is keenly interested in the relationship between mainstream and counter cultures.

Whereas some historians suggest that the whole story of Robin Hood could be traced back to one real individual (with a number of candidates as to who this person was and when he lived), others suggest that he was an amalgamation of a number of people.

As historian David Baldwin told last year, although Robin Hood was an invented hero, “There were men like Robin Hood, however, such as fugitives who flouted the harsh forest laws [unpopular laws that retained vast areas of semi-wild landscape over which the king and his court could hunt], and these fugitives were largely admired by the oppressed peasantry.” Beyond its origins, Robin Hood is a folklore tradition that has evolved and expanded with the times, developing in sync with changes in society and reflecting the cultures who tell the story as much as the one from which it originated.

Previously, she worked as an anchor of World News Tonight.

She declared that she's leaving the ABC News in May 2018 after finishing the 40th season of the show.

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