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Three others were seriously injured by the explosion which occurred when a bomb disposal team was cutting through the acid fuse of the bomb buried 24ft down in the university city of Goettingen.

Fire brigade spokesman Frank Gloth said, 'Evacuation measures were far advanced for 7,200 people in a wide radius from where the bomb lay.

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Cantwell says a building permit for the residential project will be submitted in the new year, but in the meantime a chainlink fence has been erected and work has already begun on breaking rocks and stripping the soil (which was contaminated with naturally-occurring lead and arsenic). Previous owners, the Creighton Gerrish Development Association, had been attempting to build a low-income, 48-unit condo complex on the empty lot until those plans fell apart this past summer.

ist ein wissenschaftliches Projekt am Institut fr Psychologie der Universitt Gttingen.

It’s sat empty for years, but there are finally some signs of life from this Gottingen Street lot.

Theratalk® ist ein wissenschaftliches Projekt am Institut fr Psychologie der Georg- August- Universitt Gttingen.

Ziel dieses Projektes ist es, Paaren ein leicht zugngliches abgestuftes Untersttzungs- Angebot auf dem neuesten Stand der Forschung anzubieten.

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