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HAVES LIST: Please e-mail [email protected] are for SINGLE item purchases Will Discount on multiple item purchases G. Joe Palisades Mini-Busts: Flint Trading Cards: 1991 set - series 1 G. Joe 3 3/4" Modern Army Builders 2000 thru 2006: ALL Army Builder figures come with figure stands TRU Cobra Infantry Sets: ALL come with Marauder AK-47 w/wood stock Cobra Squad Leader (v2) x 27 ea Cobra Infantry Trooper (version 1 - red eyebrows) x 11 ea Cobra Infantry Trooper (version 3 - blonde eyebrows) x 8 ea Cobra Infantry Trooper (version 4 - African-American) x 7 ea DTC Army Builders: Cobra Night Watch Sets x 9 ea Cobra Trooper x 27 .50 ea Medi-Viper x 8 .50 ea Range Viper x 20 .50 ea Snow Serpent x 12 (5 of these have a Snow Wolf waist w/sculpted front pouch) .50 ea Viper Guards (Lockdown Set) x 27 ea Valor vs.

II 3.2 (v12 ) x 43 (w/28 Long Gun Attach, 29 Short Guns Attach, 12 Rifles black & BONUS 14 pairs of arm attachment guns from v13) plus 27 extra backpacks ea set of 10 Cobra C.

(red) w/O-ring x 15 (w/rifles, knives and 5 large cannons) .50 ea set Cobra Ninja - Shadow Strike x 4 all Cobra Viper (version 13) x 50 (w/AK-47s, Heckler & Koch G-36 Assault Rifles & Scorpion Pistol) ea set of 10 Crimson Shadow Guard (mix of ninja weapons) x 12 .50 ea set Electric Eel (Blue version) x 2 ea Electric Eel (Red version) x 10 .50 ea Night Creeper (v7) x 16 (w/swords & shealth from version8 x 9, 2 robots, sniper rifles x 8) .50 ea ALL Night Creeper (v9) w/Sub-gun, Sword & Sheath x 8 ea set Ninja Cobra Strike Team complete set Ninja Cobra Strike Team: Black Dragon Ninja x 4 (no bag) .50 ea Ninja Cobra Strike Team: Red Ninja Viper x 6 (mix of weapons from others setscool weapons) .50 ea set Python Patrol Tele Viper x 18 ea Python Patrol Vipers x 33 ea Sand Vipers ( version 3) Black/Red color x 5 ea Sand Vipers ( version 5) Blue color x 23 ea Sand Vipers (single pack version 4) w/AK-47 & helmet x 20 ea Swamp Rats (single card version) w/2 knives & helmet x 3 all Swamp Rats w/2 knives & helmet x 13 ea all Tele-Viper (version 5) x 11 ea Walmart Exclusives - Urban Cobra C.

(v6) x 22 .50 ea Walmart Exclusives - Urban Neo Vipers x 22 .50 ea Spy Troops Army Builders: Cobra B.

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