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Meanwhile, she has continued her modeling career, representing global cosmetics brand L' Oréal since 1998, as well as several other major designers, including Calvin Klein, Donna Karan and Ann Taylor., when she was 18. From 2003 to 2008, she teamed up with Carmen Hawk to design the women's fashion line Jovovich-Hawk, which was well-received by the fashion world.She is also an active member of several philanthropic groups, including The Foundation for AIDS Research and the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. Her first marriage, to Shawn Andrews in 1992, ended in an annulment just two months later. I did this amazing slow-roasted tomato dip the other night, and steaks, and, oh, I’ve been eating my mom’s potatoes I know how to make my mom’s potatoes – like crazy. Congratulations are in order for Milla Jovovich, who confirmed to PEOPLE Wednesday that she and fiancé, director Paul Anderson, will tie the knot Aug. “So, that’s just one more kind of layer on my proverbial cake.” This will be the third time down the aisle for the actress.Actress, designer and model Milla Jovovich and her fiancé, director, producer and writer Paul Anderson, welcomed their first child, daughter Ever Gabo Anderson, on Saturday, the couple’s rep tells PEOPLE. They announced their engagement in March 2003, but have not yet announced a wedding date.The baby, born at the Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, weighed in at 7 lbs., 8 oz. In terms of fashion, the Ukranian-born Jovovich and partner Carmen Hawk have their own label, Jovovich-Hawk, which recently unveiled a collection for the European retail chain Mango.

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“I’ve been craving lots of bad stuff but I’ve been cooking a lot.

She was very hot at that moment, and my hotness had sort of been already four years old by that point. She got all of my big action scenes and she became like Alice. After reading the revised script, Jovovich says that she demanded to speak with Anderson about how the dynamics had shifted.

And while she admits that the reveal makes her seem demanding, Jovovich insists that she was just sticking to her guns.

Jovovich performed alongside Bruce Willis and Gary Oldman, playing Leeloo, an orange-haired, genetically engineered woman with supernatural powers and revealing costumes.

She worked again with Besson in the historical drama (2002), an escaped virus turns its victims into flesh-eating mutants; Jovovich plays a military agent named Alice, who combats the zombies as well as the evil Umbrella Corporation.

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