Joss stone dating

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The saddest blow came in 1982 when, after a long hard struggle fighting and then conquering a drug problem, our son Paul - in one moment of weakness after years of abstention- took a small dose of bad heroin and died.After this, I doubt whether we would have coped if we had not had each other. And Rosemary was to be tested further still when, at the start of this decade, she was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease - a cruel and unforgiving condition that would cast its shadow over the rest of our life together.

On the eve of my wedding to the young actress Rosemary Kirkcaldy, I wrote a letter to my mother.Back in Covent Garden we had a lovely cuddly night. She can't get into her flat, as someone went off with the key. Woke up at Podere [our place in Italy] to hear Natalie [granddaughter] singing. I'd just got dressed, when Joss came in from the bathroom - and how!! It was full of partisan freedom fighters from the Second World War, and was very jolly - and very moving. We waited till most people were off the plane, and as I got out of my seat, someone tripped me up, and I fell across a seat, tore the skin off my left arm and strained my left leg. Inside the airport, a girl repaired my arm and First Aid put on a bandage.It is a freezing, icy day, and the pavements are slippery. I went into the kitchen, and when I turned round, I had a very nasty fall. Joss took me to Dr Cracknell, and he put a dry dressing on it. (Rosemary was by now beginning to fall frequently). The play, The Gin Game, went exceedingly well, and there were cheers and loads of whistles, whoops and claps - a great reception.It had never occurred to me during our long partnership that I might ever read her diary; nor did she suggest that I did so.It was only when she was no longer able to hold her pen, and asked me to help her, that I finally looked at what she had written.

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