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If you are feeling a bit apprehensive at the moment, and you decide to check out some of the many sites on prostate cancer, here’s some reassuring info to take with you on your journey - I found it on the USA's National Cancer Institute website I mention below. By age 50, about one-third of American men have microscopic signs of prostate cancer.

By age 75, half to three-quarters of men will have some cancerous changes in their prostate glands.

Here’s a description of one of them: “Patient to Physician (P2P) provides the opportunity to read focused discussion about clinical problems with prostate cancer.

Patients post questions with accompanying medical history and specialists in the field of prostate cancer offer ideas to discuss with your physician.” The site Prostate Pointers also has about thirty well set out forums on different aspects of prostate cancer, the most popular being “General discussion about PCa”.

I believe that in almost every case websites need to take steps to reduce what are sometimes (naturally enough) unnecessary apprehensions of visitors to the sites who may be a bit stressed out after a recent diagnosis.

A few of the prostate websites I have visited have not done this - I think this is a lack of experience in a newly developing area of the internet.

They run a forum called "Prostate Cancer" - look for a link to "Discussion Boards" on their Cancer Survivors Network index page who's address as at 12th June 2011 is If your partner or a man in your life has been diagnosed with prostate cancer - or his cancer has recurred - then you will find this website a valuable resource for both you and your loved one.

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So I can't point you to any shangrila websites for prostate cancer.It was against this background that The Prostate Cancer Charity was set up in 1996.In its relatively short life, the Charity has played a key role in raising both public awareness of the disease and political debate about services and support……and there is now a real sense that for the cause of prostate cancer ‘the time has come.’ We are the largest and most comprehensive of the charities working specifically in the field of prostate cancer. A valuable source of reliable information on prostate cancer is the website of the USA Government's National Cancer Institute at Please note that I have stopped adding new entries to this website as of 2011 due to my ageing eyes and the need to do some other things in life while time permits.I've kept the site online, as based on past experience, a plethora of the web sites I've listed here will continue to be good sources of info and support for years to come, as their creators or owners continue to improve them.

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