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The author messed up, some, on the formatting on this one, too, only it's much subtler—it looks like all m-dashes (like this "—") became question marks. A note about Steamy: There's sex in the book, and a make out or two that get pretty hot, but Burgess cuts well before we get terribly explicit.

After the three months is up, will Sass go back to her destructive dating lifestyle or will she decide that, actually, being on her own is a lot more fun and far less hassle?

Her life -- usually joyfully/traumatically occupied with dates, clothes and vodka -- is finally easy. She makes you laugh and root for the main character.

I read it when I was single and tried almost every dati If you can't date anyone nice, don't date anyone at all... Gemma Burgess reminds me of a real Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, women love her and she just writes about dating, relationships, and sex so well.

It’s taken me a few days (football/X Factor got in the way it seems! We learn early on about Sass’s six break-ups which have caused her to start her Detox and they were equally amusing and cringe-worthy in the way in which they happened.

I could sympathise with Sass as we learn of each of her break-ups but, wow, she hadn’t half dated some losers. The book actually skips over the three-months of the actual Detox and I thought I’d missed something out, as the blurb makes it appear as if after the three months, Sass will immediately give it all up.

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