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“A primary reason that many service professionals fail to build thriving businesses it that they struggle to articulate — in a clear and compelling way — exactly what solutions and benefits they offer.” ~ Michael Port, Imagine you’re at a party and you’re introduced to someone new.After exchanging names, you’ll likely be asked, “What do you do? When I answer that I’m a web developer, people’s eyes start to glaze over and they’re probably sorry they asked.

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I suggest to you to use the “5W 1H” approach of communication that I have refined to get results personally and professionally.

Lastly, co-op advertising can save partners money while allowing them access to creative advertising assistance to which they may not otherwise have access.

Start by making yourself aware of your manufacturer’s co-op program, if any.

Then, comb through advertising guidelines to ensure compliance and reimbursement of your advertisements.

Or, simply contact a vendor, like Register Media, with expert staff who know co-op guidelines and can secure those advertising dollars for you. A well-planned, structured co-op program has the potential to strengthen partnerships and reap rewards (and profits!

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